Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rich Jerk Trademark Trouble

The Rich Jerk sues another owner of a website for using the term the rich jerk.
This website ranked Nr.1 on for the rich jerk term. The Rich Jerk aka Kelly Felix himself, told the owner in an e-mail that he can’t use the Rich Jerk term with his website. 
The domainname has the "Rich Jerk" name in it. Meaning that the owner of the website, has to pay $100,000 if  continues to use his website.

The Rich Jerk owns CreditPro, Inc.(CPI) which payed for the Rich Jerk term in 2005. The term is used to sell the informational products, which have important information on earning money with the internet.

The Rich Jerk also owns two websites containing his Rich Jerk name.
Kelly Felix can effort a good lawyers, so the only easy way out was to transfer his old domain to another name.

So keep an eye on trademark names when you create a new website!

The Rich Jerk Unofficial

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